About Us

Paul Helvig, Founder of Safari Garden Projects.

Welcome to Safari Garden Projects, where horticultural artistry and design transform your outdoor spaces. Allow us to introduce Paul Helvig, the visionary behind it all.

Paul, Landscaper, Garden bed

A Horticultural Visionary

Paul Helvig is not just a name; it’s a symbol of excellence in gardening and landscape design. As the founder of Safari Garden Projects, Paul brings your visions of outdoor living to life.

Innovative Products at Your Fingertips

Did you know that many of the materials used in Paul’s creations are found at your local hardware store? These very products frequently find their way into the heart of the projects he designs.

Passion Meets Innovation

Paul’s journey is a story of passion. Fueled by a love for horticulture and design, he has expanded his career to craft landscapes that resonate with the individual client he represents. Taking their unique visions and turning them into a reality.

Crafting Your Dream Garden

Whether you’re a garden enthusiast with a dream of creating the perfect oasis or a corporate powerhouse seeking to make a lasting impression, Safari Garden Projects is your partner. Our expertise lies in crafting and landscaping gardens that are as unique as you are.

Explore Possibilities

Join us at Safari Garden Projects, where innovation, design, and landscape excellence combine to redefine your outdoor oasis. Let’s embark on a journey to bring your garden dreams to life.

Discover the Safari Garden Projects way, contact us for a quote to bring your garden dreams to life.

Paul’s Team

Our team is a blend of experience and learning, with some members boasting many years in the industry and others actively honing their skills. Paul, our passionate leader, is dedicated to mentoring the next generation and enhancing their skill sets. Whether it’s Paul or a member of his team on site, rest assured that they share the same high expectations. Trainees work alongside seasoned team members, ensuring a collaborative learning experience with the guidance of experts.